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What is RonayaEdit

Ronaya is the romantic pairing of Rohan Nanda and Shanaya Singhania. They are childhood sweethearts of each other and were in a relationship for 4 years. They loved each other but soon Shanaya kissed Abhimanyu Singh and their relationship was over.

Ship RivalsEdit

Ranya and Shabhi

Ronaya MomentsEdit

  • Rohan thinks Shanaya looks sexy when she threatens
  • Shanaya rides on Rohan's motorcycle with him
  • During the Radha Song
  • When Rohan asks for forgiveness and Shanaya puts mehndi on him
  • During the wedding Rohan tries to sit with Shanaya
  • Shanaya kisses Rohan on the cheek when Shruti comes
  • During the Ratta Maar Song

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